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David D. Maynard
La Shot Photography

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Celebrating 32 Years in Business

What’s New

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. It has been dry and HOT but we will forget that when winter comes.

I am featuring two new images from the Cotswolds of England and they complete my beautiful series from there. Look for “Garden Walkway” and “Chipping Cottage”.

I added Canvas Gallery Wraps to my collection last year. The canvas is stretched taut and wrapped completely around to the back of the frame.  I use quality 1.25” deep stretcher frames and the sides are mirror images of the picture giving a wonderful 3D effect.  All my images are available as Gallery Wraps and they look beautiful.

Again took a trip to the Carolinas this summer and found rustic metal covering an old shack. The result is three metal rustic images that look amazing and real on canvas.  Check out the “Rustic Metal Abstract Page” and more abstracts to come.

I have been looking for a field of sunflowers in full bloom with the right lighting for most of my photography career and with the help of one of my awesome customers was given that great opportunity.  While there I had direct sun, overcast light, horizontal rain and then soft lighting with droplets of rain on the flowers. So far I have
four sunflowers images ready and the sunflower’s golden yellow jumps off the canvas. They look amazing framed in my cherry scoop and as gallery wraps.

View these new images on the New Shots on Canvas Page.

I took beautiful images at our wonderful Buffalo, New York waterfront
So proud of my home town and all the positive changes happening here. I have nine new images out and four look amazing in my Mantle Size.

The best part of doing the art shows is meeting all the wonderful people along the way.  I have the best customers, a wonderful show family and my amazing family at home. I   I am so lucky!!

My baby girl, Kelsie, is now 26 years old. She is going thru a lot of changes with a new job and has a great future ahead of her.

My wonderful son, Jaryd, keeps on moving up at his job and will make more money than me this year, so proud of him.  He just moved in with Sara and is so happy.

Molly, our wonderful puff ball, has been with us 5 years now. We rescued her but she truly rescued us, especially me. We love her so much and she keeps me calm & happy.

My Show Schedule is up so let’s get together and share some good times and talk about the old.

A younger and thinner Dave in 1985 in Harrisburg, PA

Thank you for all those memories and I can not wait to create new ones with you this year.
Dave Maynard
La Shot Photography