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David D. Maynard
La Shot Photography

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What’s New

Hope everyone is having a great summer this year. At the art shows it has been an interesting spring and summer. At the Rochester Lilac Festival we had three big thunder storms, high winds and even hail on Sunday. I had one total rain out day and a lot of windy days but am grateful we don’t have the heat we had last year.  I planted a beautiful garden in the front of my house and everything is still alive, so proud of myself!

Last year I purchased the truck of my dreams, a Dodge Ram Promaster, with all the room I will ever need. Two weeks ago I took my van into the dealership for an oil change and a mechanic misjudged the height of my truck and ran it into a low garage door causing a lot of damage. After a lot of unloading and reloading I got my repaired truck back but was five miles from a tornado touch down when switching the inventory. I was so lucky again and so happy no one was injured or lost their life.

While at the Lilac Festival in May I photographed the lilacs that were in full bloom.  My Thelma’s Lilac Series will be out in August and they are just beautiful. Can not wait for you to see them.
I bring this lilac collection out in honor of my Mom, Thelma Maynard. She unexpectedly passed away in the spring of 1993 while the lilacs were in bloom and also they were her favorite flower. For a couple of years I could not acknowledge Mother’s Day because I was so devastated and would not photograph lilacs. It has been 24 years and it is about time I honor her memory and what an amazing mother she was.  Miss you everyday my sweet MOM!

My best sellers this year are the “Slate Gray Shutters Series” with my new white washed frame.  The gray shutters with the beautiful purple flowers are a standout in my booth. The “Chipping Paint Series” and the Sunflowers are selling great.
The “Painted Window Series” from the the First Ward in Buffalo captures a look into our architectural history and but touched up in an unique way.

Look for all these new images on the “New Shots Page” on the web site and at the art shows

The Canvas Gallery Wraps are a huge part of my booth display.  The canvas is stretched taut and wrapped completely around to the back of the frame. I use quality 1.25” deep stretcher frames and the sides are mirror images of the picture giving a wonderful 3D effect. All my images are available as Gallery Wraps and they look beautiful.

The best part of doing the art shows is meeting all the wonderful people along the way.  I have the best customers, a wonderful show family and my amazing family at home. I   I am so lucky!!

My baby girl, Kelsie, is now 27 years old. She is going thru a lot of changes with a new job and has a great future ahead of her.

My wonderful son, Jaryd, keeps on moving up at his job and will make more money than me this year, so proud of him.

Our Little Miss Molly, our wonderful puff ball Shit Tzu, has been with us 6 years now. We rescued her but she truly rescued us, especially me. We love her so much and she keeps me calm & happy.

My Show Schedule is up so let’s get together and share some good times and talk about the old.

A younger and thinner Dave in 1985 in Harrisburg, PA

Thank you for all those memories and I can not wait to create new ones with you this year.
Dave Maynard
La Shot Photography